Sandra Schrawder

I am Sandra Schrawder, Shaman healer and Ceremonialist. I am an initiated Kuraq Akulleq, 4th Level Priest and Wisdomkeeper in the Inca Tradition of the Andes, and work with the Peruvian jungle mesa. A student of Ginger and Dale Lee of Sacred Ways, Silver RavenWolf and Rhiannon Willowthorn of the Sacred Order of the Black Forest, I also hold degrees in Business Administration and Spanish.

I am Lady Nightshade, High Priestess, and hold a Third Degree in the Sacred Order of Black Forest where I am ordained legal clergy. I reside in Denver, Colorado where I have a Shamanic Healing Practice, conduct ceremony and teach.

I am available for clearings, cleansings, house blessings, Rites of Passage, and healing that includes extractions and Soul Retrievals. I offer pastoral care that includes preparation for handfastings, marriages and vow renewals, celebrations of birth, aiding those preparing to transition, and Death Rites.

I also lead monthly shamanic journey circles. (See Events)

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