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What to Expect

A shamanic session begins with conversation. During this conversation we work together to discover the energetic source of your physical, emotional, or behavioral challenges.

The shaman then works with spirit to return your energetic self to a state of balance and harmony. Everything will be explained carefully to you and all healing takes place with your explicit permission. Shamanic sessions should feel safe and all energetic work takes place in Sacred Space.

At the completion of the session, the shaman will discuss with you appropriate after-care to facilitate continued healing to help prevent a recurrence. After-care is very important. The process of shamanic healing is co-creational and the client plays a critical role.

Sessions may be held in-person or remotely over the phone or via Skype. Although the experience is different in remote sessions, they are equally powerful and effective.

Shamanic healing is best facilitated when the client has not been over-stimulated by caffeine or is under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.


In shamanism, a shamanic practitioner works through helping spirits to facilitate healing. In a shamanic worldview, illness and disease (better thought of as dis-ease) have an important spiritual and energetic component. Healing begins when the core energetic or spiritual issues are identified and resolved. Only then can true healing begin.

Although often looked at skeptically by western medicine, shamanic healing is a good complement for it, clearing out the root causes of illness and the core roadblocks to authentic healing.

Shamanic Healing:

When a shaman works on behalf of a client, the shaman is working with spirit helpers in non-ordinary reality to clear away disempowering energies and their influences so the client may exercise their free will to the fullest degree they are able. This equates to healing when the energies are affecting health, or contentment when the energies are affecting outlook, or success when the energies are affecting a career or business.

Basic Energetic Maintenance: Our modern, stressful lives cause our energetic bodies to become clogged, inefficient, and lethargic. A thorough examination of the Chakra system, adrenal system, and luminous energy field identifies issues. The shaman then returns these critical aspects of ourselves to their natural, healthy state.

Heavy Energy Clearing: We are luminous, energetic beings but not all energy is healthy, natural, and beneficial. Unhealthy energies can be created by trauma, stress, or external forces. With your assistance, the shaman identifies these energies and clears them, returning your energetic body to its natural state.

Soul Retrieval: Trauma, stress, abuse, and other negative aspects of modern life can play havoc with our lives. In particularly difficult periods, aspects of ourselves, or parts of our soul, may seek protection and safety by hiding or fleeing. The shaman determines whether soul loss is present and then facilitates the return and reintegration of the soul part.

Home and Land Clearing: The land we live upon and the homes we live in are all part of a large, integrated, energetic system. They are as susceptible to heavy energies and unhealthy influences as we humans are. Furthermore, the land itself is part of the greater system known as Gaia, or Pacha Mama, and also should be approached with respect and consideration. The shaman assists in locating and clearing unhealthy energies from homes and land.

Power Animals and Helping Spirits: Claim your birthright and connect with spirit guides and power animals.

Divination: Gain wisdom from spirit about how the future is unfolding for you through various methods.

Ceremony and ritual:

Birth, Marriage, Handfasting, Civil Unions, Death and Dying: Shamanism honors the major cycles of life. Both Shaman Sandra and Shaman JP are ordained ministers and are available to assist with these major milestones in life.

Ritual: Traditional shamanic ceremonies are performed at full moon and new moon. The Despacho ceremony is a ritual of energetic exchange for healing, re-establishing right relationship and protection.

For Organizations

Shamanism offers broad insight into organizational performance. First and foremost, shamanism provides a means of identifying true purpose and finding and eliminating roadblocks that stand in the way of authentic success for both individuals and entire organizations.

Organizational shamanism helps clients become more resilient, resourceful, confident, and cohesive.

Shaman JP and Shaman Sandra both hold business degrees and have extensive experience in business. We offer the following business services:

Clearing of Heavy Energy from land, buildings, fixtures, furniture, and other assets. Previous owners and renters as well as current ownership, employees, customers, and stakeholders all participate in creating the energetic footprint of the business. Traumatic and challenging events also contribute to problematic energy. Additionally, in high density office multi-tenant environments, Heavy Energy can be intruding from nearby office suites as well. In such cases appropriate clearing and then shielding are used to resolve the problem.

Individual and Group Coaching. Find insight and guidance regarding business strategy, partnerships, emerging markets, new products and services, operations, ethics, and internal culture.

Divination and Manifesting. We live in a universe of free will. Yet, as a co-created universe there are discernible trends as this form of collective free will works to manifest the future. Learn to spot trends and follow the progress of emerging scenarios.

Ceremony and Ritual. Learn to celebrate success and find clarity in challenging times.