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Shaman Sandra

Shaman Sandra

Shaman healer, Ceremonialist and Third Degree Wiccan High Priestess Sandra Schrawder practices and teaches in the Denver Metro area.
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Shaman JP

Shaman JP

Shaman healer, teacher, mentor, and ceremonialist, JP McLaughlin practices urban shamanism in Denver, Colorado.
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Shamanic Training, Healing, and Ceremony

Reclaim your birthright of health, vitality and purpose through essential, everyday shamanism.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Golden Journey Circle on Wed April 18, 2018 is canceled due to a scheduling problem at Jefferson Unitarian Church.

What is a Shaman?

Shamans are people like you and me, with a twist. We walk in the world of what is and imagine what could be. We envision the realm of possibility and make it reality. We guide you to elevate your soul’s purpose to consciousness. We heal the traumas experienced in the past, curate a safe environment for your transformation, and teach you the tools to reach self-actualization.

Shamans are people like any other, with a twist. Shamans walk in the world of what is and imagine what could be. Shamans the world over are teaching people to envision the realm of possibility and make it reality. Shamans help you to elevate your soul’s purpose to consciousness and into action. Shamans do much more than help you find a power animal, we help people heal the traumas of the past, curate a safe environment for transformation, and teach ancient, time-tested techniques to live a rich, confident, and fulfilled life.

Why Everyday Shamanism?

Our intent is to co-create with you a world where we realize our full potential as human beings. We help individuals to align themselves with nature in order to express the deep resources they hold within. We often say that when we come together to heal ourselves, we heal our world. We are authentic, mature, present, and committed to revolutionary growth for ourselves and for those who join us on this journey.

Everyday Shamanism offers shamanic training, energy healing, ancestral healing, and various forms of energy medicine in the Andean/Peruvian tradition. See Training + Retreats and Services for more information.

Upcoming Events

Peruvian Shamanic Journey Circles

Our journey circles meet monthly in Aurora and Golden. Click here for more information.

The Medicine Way of Everyday Shamanism™

Transform Your Life, Transform The World

The Medicine Way of Everyday Shamanism introduces the 60,000 year-old, global, earth-honoring tradition of shamanic practice to the modern world. You acquire forgotten knowledge, wisdom, and skills while exploring what it truly means to be human.

Learn Powerful & Effective Life Skills

During the five weekends you will:

  • Learn how to remove disempowering beliefs and replace them with life-affirming ones
  • Work with power animals and helping spirits and receive their wisdom and healing
  • Practice shamanic journeying, empowering you to take charge of your own spiritual life
  • Learn powerful shamanic techniques and ceremonies that enrich your life and deepen your connection with spirit

A 10 month, 5 weekend intensive on the path of the Luminous Warrior

New groups begin regularly. Click here for more information.

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