Monthly Peruvian Shamanic Journey Circles

No experience necessary! Journeying is an essential skill of shamanism and opens the door to direct insight from spirit. Bring your curiosity and an open heart. That's all that's required. We curate a safe, comfortable environment. See below and our Meetup page for more information.

Peruvian Shamanic Journey Circle - Aurora

Third Tuesday of each month
6:30 PM (FREE)

VAST Wellness Center, 2323 South Troy Street, Suite 107, Aurora, CO 80014

Peruvian Shamanic Journey Circle - Golden

Third Wednesday of each month
6:30 PM (FREE)

Jefferson Unitarian Church, 14350 W 32nd Avenue, Golden, CO 80401

What to Bring

The following items are helpful for journeying. Please bring them if you have them--especially if you are an experienced journeyer.

  • Eye cover: a bandana, blindfold, etc.
  • A small notebook and a writing instrument to record any thoughts or experiences.
  • A blanket and/or a yoga mat if you like to journey lying down. We will have chairs available for those who prefer to sit.
  • A small pillow if you prefer to lie down.
  • A rattle, if you have one, and want to participate in the short opening ceremony.
  • Water

Training + Retreats

The Medicine Way of Everyday Shamanism™

The next group begins September 15-16, 2018.

Transform Your Life, Transform The World

The Medicine Way of Everyday Shamanism introduces the 60,000 year-old, global, earth-honoring tradition of shamanic practice to the modern world. You acquire forgotten knowledge, wisdom, and skills while exploring what it truly means to be human.

Learn Powerful & Effective Life Skills

During the five weekends you will:

  • Learn how to remove disempowering beliefs and replace them with life-affirming ones
  • Work with power animals and helping spirits and receive their wisdom and healing
  • Practice shamanic journeying, empowering you to take charge of your own spiritual life
  • Learn powerful shamanic techniques and ceremonies that enrich your life and deepen your connection with spirit

A 10 month, 5 weekend intensive on the path of the Luminous Warrior

If you have any questions email

Two payment options for tuition:

A single payment of $1475, payable prior to September 15th, 2018. Save $275.
A payment plan: $550 to register, then $300 every 2 months for 8 months.