Fees & Payment

For services to individuals & businesses

Energy Exchange

Shamanism is about balance--equal exchanges of energy are important in all facets of a shamanic life. People often believe that shamanic services and instruction should be free. Doing so would create significant imbalances that would hinder the benefit of the healing or the instruction. In traditional shamanic cultures, there may be no exchange of currency, but the shaman's living is at least partially provided for by the community through gifts of food, material, and labor. In our modern world, shamans have mortgages, car payments, and student loans just like everyone else and society expects us to meet these obligations.

Since shamans live and work within their communities, the most appropriate and effective way to "exchange energy" for services are through the most commonly accepted methods within the community. Here, in contemporary society, that usually means an exchange of currency for services. There is nothing wrong with this and, in fact, it's what is done in shamanic cultures across the globe: shamans receive, in exchange for their work, items that are imminently useful to sustain them so they may continue to serve the community.

Fees & Payments

For Individuals
Regular sessions last 60-90 minutes and the fee is $ 125. The session can be in-person at our offices or done remotely via phone or Skype. Your first, initial session will be about 2 hours in length and and the fee is $ 175. Unless agreed upon in advance, these are fixed-rate fees no matter how long the session runs.

Individual sessions may be paid via cash, credit card, or ApplePay and are due at the time of service. Telephone sessions must be paid in advance.

Sliding scale: individuals seeking shamanic services who would find it difficult to pay the full rate are encouraged to inquire about services at a reduced fee. Shamanic healing should be readily available to everyone and we do our best to accommodate all requests.

Initial Session 

2 hours: $ 175

Regular Sessions

60-90 minutes: $ 125

Ad hoc Sessions

Short telephone or in-person consultations as needed: $ 100 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.

Session Length

For Businesses

Business consulting services are $ 135 per hour. Discounts are available in packages or by purchasing blocks of time in advance. Please contact us for more information.