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What does shamanism offer? 

Claim your birthright of health, vitality, and purpose.


Whether your interest is to explore shamanism and put it to work in your life or you are answering the call to become a shamanic healer, teacher, ceremonialist, or scholar, we offer a comprehensive curriculum of in-depth courses designed to assist you through this transformation. 


In shamanism, a shamanic practitioner works through helping spirits to facilitate healing. In a shamanic worldview, illness and disease (better thought of as dis-ease) have an important spiritual and energetic component. Healing begins when the core energetic or spiritual issues are identified and resolved. Only then can true healing begin.


Birth, Rites of Passage, Marriage, Handfasting, Civil Unions, Death and Dying, New Homes, Land, and Businesses: Shamanism honors all the major cycles of life. 


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