A Different World Awaits You

What does shamanism offer? 

Reclaim your birthright of health, vitality, and purpose.


Whether your interest is to explore shamanism and put it to work in your life or you are answering the call to become a shamanic healer, teacher, ceremonialist, or scholar, we offer a comprehensive curriculum of in-depth courses designed to assist you through this transformation. 


In shamanism, a shamanic practitioner works through helping spirits to facilitate healing. In a shamanic worldview, illness and disease (better thought of as dis-ease) have an important spiritual and energetic component. Healing begins when the core energetic or spiritual issues are identified and resolved. Only then can true healing begin.


Birth, Rites of Passage, Marriage, Handfasting, Civil Unions, Death and Dying, New Homes, Land, and Businesses: Shamanism honors all the major cycles of life. 

Shamanism in the 21st Century

Shamanism is a spiritual practice and has been part of the human experience for millennia. The past few decades have brought a resurgence of shamanism in the west as modern people rediscover their birthright as spiritual beings. Shamanism is not merely a process of healing, it's a process of living, bringing the shamanic individual new levels of awareness, empowerment, and confidence. Shamanism is not a faith or a religion, it's a wisdom tradition for everyday life.


Training & Public Events

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement
    Updated April 13, 2020

    As we are all being profoundly impacted by COVID-19 and societal responses to mitigate the spread of infection, we are also taking multiple steps to protect our students, clients, community, and loved ones. 

    At this time:

    • Journey Circles are on hold. We will evaluate at the end of April for May.

    • Stepping Stones in May 2020 has been rescheduled for May 2021.

    • Classes that are currently meeting are now online and will remain so until it is safe to meet in-person.

    • Until such time as we can be assured of safely holding in-person classes, registration for them will remain closed. 

    We are here for you and are ready to work remotely over the phone or online. If you are experiencing a health emergency, please take care of the mundane-world aspect of your illness.  

    For support, please give us a call so we may set intentions for you or work energetically to help you.  

    Shaman JP, Shaman Sandra and Shaman Rowena are all clergy. Feel free to call or email us for your pastoral and counseling needs. We are here to talk to you, to work energetically and to help as always.  

    It is with great humility that we offer our services at any time. We are servant leaders and will do what we can to support our community.  

    With great Munay – love under our will.  

    Shaman JP
    Shaman Sandra
    Shaman Rowena
    Shaman Laurel


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