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What is Shamanism

Shamanism is a spiritual practice and has been part of the human experience for millennia. The past few decades have brought a resurgence of shamanism in the west as modern people rediscover their birthright as spiritual beings. Shamanism is not merely a process of healing, it's a process of living, bringing the shamanic individual new levels of awareness, empowerment, and confidence. Shamanism is not a faith or a religion, it's a wisdom tradition for everyday life.

About Shamanism

Shamans work with Nature and within the natural world. While many would consider aspects of shamanism to be supernatural, for the shamanic practitioner it feels completely normal, rational, compassionate, and authentic. It's certainly super, but it's also completely natural.

Shamans do their work in non-ordinary reality, a place seemingly nowhere and everywhere, where the spirit, intelligence, and intention of all things in the universe interact. The beauty of shamanism is that the work done in non-ordinary reality can have a profound impact in the everyday world, the here-and-now where we physically exist.

We exist in a universe made of energy. While most of us were taught in school that the universe is made of matter, all matter, when examined at the subatomic level, is made of energy. Since all matter is energy, and living beings are made of this matter, shamans work with energy and the energetic influences that affect our health, happiness, and well-being.

The most fundamental tenet of shamanism is free will. Drill down to this level and shamans work with Nature to restore and protect free will. Shamanically, free will can be described as the ability of the physical body to age as it intends, the soul to live as it intends, and the future to unfold as it intends. Therefore, shamanism is about empowerment and is the opposing force to disempowerment.

Lastly, shamanism is about equilibrium. Equilibrium can be thought of as a state where a soul, the energetic and eternal core of who we are, is free and able to discover and realize its true purpose in life, doing so with compassion, respect, and a willingness to assist others on the same path of discovery.

Shamanism might well be the oldest calling known to this world. It is an ancient blend of art and science that relieves suffering and brings hope to our modern, but chaotic world. This ancient wisdom has never been more relevant.

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