How Can Shamanism Help?

  • Identify and articulate authentic organizational and individual goals.
  • Clear past patterns and influences that prevent individuals and the organization from functioning as a fully actualized entity.
  • Identify appropriate risks with worthwhile rewards.
  • Assist the business and its individuals in becoming more resilient and in pursuit of organizational and personal goals.
  • Communicate both internally and externally with authenticity, consistently, and inner strength.
  • Build community inside and outside the organization as well as recognize and respect the need for community within the workplace.
  • Help organizations stay in balance and engage in appropriate reciprocity in a challenging and competitive marketplace.

For Organizations

Shamanism offers broad insight into organizational performance. First and foremost, shamanism provides a means of identifying true purpose and finding and eliminating roadblocks that stand in the way of authentic success for both individuals and entire organizations.

Organizational shamanism helps clients become more resilient, resourceful, confident, and cohesive.

We offer the following business services:

Clearing of Heavy Energy from land, buildings, fixtures, furniture, and other assets. Previous owners and renters as well as current ownership, employees, customers, and stakeholders all participate in creating the energetic footprint of the business. Traumatic and challenging events also contribute to problematic energy. Additionally, in high density office multi-tenant environments, Heavy Energy can be intruding from nearby office suites as well. In such cases appropriate clearing and then shielding are used to resolve the problem.

Individual and Group Coaching. Find insight and guidance regarding business strategy, partnerships, emerging markets, new products and services, operations, ethics, and internal culture.

Divination and Manifesting. We live in a universe of free will. Yet, as a co-created universe there are discernible trends as this form of collective free will works to manifest the future. Learn to spot trends and follow the progress of emerging scenarios.

Ceremony and Ritual. Learn to celebrate success and find clarity in challenging times.