What is this course about?

Michael Harner eloquently described the shaman in the modern world: a shaman is a man or woman who enters an altered state of consciousness, at will, to contact or utilize an ordinarily hidden reality in order to acquire knowledge, power, and to help other persons. This is our work together. It’s challenging, but immensely rewarding. This is not the work of the past, but the work of the present and the future.

Everyday Shamanism integrates old and new, ancient and modern. The foundation is Peruvian shamanism but there are additional influences including Tibetan Buddhist, Wicca, Vedanta, and Celtic. These are all complementary, earth-honoring traditions.

We live in a time in which community is frequently non-existent, a connection with spirit of any kind may be absent, and respect for the Earth Mother is often forgotten. We live in exciting, but chaotic times. This course is designed to prepare ordinary people to live, love, and thrive in these times.

The Medicine Way of Everyday Shamanism™

Our introductory course in shamanism meets for five weekends, approximately every two months. In between our face-to-face meetings, we continue our work online and in semi-monthly conference calls. In total, this course takes approximately 8-10 months to complete. It is intense, and applicants should be prepared to spend time every week in the course.

These are the five weekends of The Medicine Way of Everyday Shamanism™:

Sachamama, Great Serpent, in the South

We begin this exciting journey together with an introduction to the basic skills and relationships of the shaman: the shamanic journey, totems and archetypes, ancestors and helping spirits, the shaman’s mesa (medicine bundle), the luminous energy field, breath work, protections, divination, ceremony, and shamanic tools. The 1st and 2nd rite of the Munay-ki** will be gifted and initiated: the Healer’s Rite and the Bands of Power.

**Munay,” in the ancient language of the Inca, is “love and intention.” “Ki,” or Chi, is the Chinese word for energy. In other words, “the energy of love” in a cross-cultural, global sense.

Otorongo, Jaguar, in the West

We work extensively with archetypes and totems, look deep within, and learn what warriorship means to the shaman. We honor our past, explore past lives, and integrate the lessons of the past into the present. We learn about and work with our shadow selves. The 3rd and 4th rite of the Munay-ki will be gifted and initiated: the Harmony Rite and the Seer’s Rite.

Siwarkenti, Hummingbird, and Ancient Ones in the North

We explore the roles and beliefs that control our lives, removing the disempowering ones and becoming acquainted with our true guiding roles and beliefs. We meet and begin to work with our ancestors as we discover and explore our highest destiny in this life. The 5th and 6th rite of the Munay-ki will be gifted and initiated: the Daykeeper’s Rite and the Wisdomkeeper’s Rite.

Apuchin/Hatun Kuntur, Eagle/Condor, in the East

We complete our medicine bodies and we come face-to-face with our core beliefs. We heal our hearts and minds and work deeply with our intentions. We enter into the realm co-creation and learn to participate in it. We embrace what works as we shed what holds us back. We learn to make powerful offerings and we complete and fully activate our Mesas. The 7th and 8th rite of the Munay-ki will be gifted and initiated: the Earthkeeper’s Rite and the Starkeeper’s Rite.

Walking in Balance and Power, the integration of the Four Directions

We now possess the tools of the shaman, but what does this mean in the modern world? This is the Master Class in truly living Everyday Shamanism. We learn to take charge of our future, walk the path of the Luminous Warrior, integrate the aspects of the four directions, and live our soul’s purpose with confidence and commitment. The final two Rites of the Munay-Ki are gifted and initiated: the Creator’s Rite and the Rite of the Womb.

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Five bi-monthly payments of $349.

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