What is this course about?

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Times

Everyday Shamanism integrates old and new, ancient and modern. The foundation is Peruvian shamanism but there are additional influences from other earth-honoring traditions including Tibetan Buddhism, Wicca, and Celtic shamanism.

We live in a time where community is frequently non-existent, a connection with spirit of any kind is often absent, and respect for the Earth Mother is long-forgotten. We live in exciting, but chaotic times. This course is designed to prepare ordinary people to live, love, and thrive in the modern world as shamanic people.

Practical, Everyday Tools for Life

This course is designed to be life-changing, providing you with tools to use for the rest of your life. Included with your registration is a comprehensive course workbook and numerous opportunities to practice one-on-one and in small, supervised groups.

We maintain a small student to teacher ratio and provide all the individual support you need.

In-between our face-to-face weekends we work online, exploring more deeply the topics covered in class as well as new ones in preparation for the upcoming weekend.

The Medicine Way of Everyday Shamanism™

The next group begins their journey September 15-16, 2018

Transform Your Life, Transform the World

The Medicine Way of Everyday Shamanism introduces the 60,000 year-old earth-honoring tradition of shamanic practice to the modern world. You acquire forgotten knowledge, wisdom, and skills while exploring what it truly means to be human.

Learn Powerful & Effective Life Skills

During the five weekends you will:

  • Learn how to remove disempowering beliefs, habits, and fears, replacing them with confidence, purpose, courage, and life-affirming roles.
  • Work with power animals and helping spirits, learning how to seek out and receive their assistance, wisdom, and healing.
  • Learn about your past lives and how to connect with your ancestors, shedding the mistakes of the past and bringing the knowledge, experience, support, and love of positive ancestral energy into your life.
  • Learn about your energy body, how to care for it, and how to use it for your own well-being and vitality.
  • Practice shamanic journeying, the essential skill of the shaman, empowering you to take charge of your own spiritual life and development.
  • Learn and practice powerful shamanic techniques and ceremonies that enrich your life and deepen your connection with spirit.
  • Integrate ancient shamanic practices into modern life, take control of your life and your destiny, and chart your own course with the conviction of your soul's purpose.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course provides two foundations:

  1. As an in-depth experience with shamanism for people wanting to live a modern, shamanic life. It contains all of our foundational teachings and provides a basis for both more advanced formal study and continued personal development.

  2. As a prerequisite for advanced study with us. Students considering our advanced coursework and apprenticeships must take this course or demonstrate equivalent competency.

Course Schedule:

Our first weekend is September 15-16, 2018.

We meet approximately every 2 months. The remaining four weekends are scheduled for:

November 3-4, 2018
January 12-13, 2019
March 2-3, 2019
May 4-5, 2019

We discuss the schedule over the first weekend and may adjust it with the unanimous agreement of the group.

Two payment options for tuition:

A single payment of $1475, payable prior to the first day of class. Save $275.
A deposit of $550, then four bi-monthly payments of $300 due prior to the remaining four weekends. Total Cost $1750.

Join us for this 5-weekend intensive on the path of the Luminous Warrior

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