Ayni Despacho Ceremony

Release - Manifest - Heal

Come with your family and friends to join Everyday Shamanism as we co-create and burn an Ayni Despacho.

There are many types of Despacho Ceremonies that can be performed. They are done to commemorate events, to ask for blessings, or to bring us and our community back into right relationship with the earth and with All that is.

The Paqos, who are shamans and wisdom-keepers from our Peruvian Quero lineage, use these ceremonies to bring us back into balance to restore the energetic flow that lets the Universe work on our behalf.

When we work together creating an Ayni Despacho, we work at the level of the soul. We co-create a bundle that contains symbols and prayers of those present. As we add the individual items to the Despacho, it becomes a living prayer whose vibration elevates us and if we allow, brings healing. Our intent is to create a sense of oneness, harmony and reciprocity with nature.

We start with a piece of white paper that acts as a wrapping or bundle for all of the offerings. All of the ingredients have meaning and each item or group of items receives prayer before being placed on the paper. We use items such as bay leaves, sugar and grains to hold the prayers, have them be sweetly loving and for nourishment of ourselves and Pachamama (Mother Earth). All ingredients will be provided.

When we have finished, we fold and tie the gift with string. Then the shaman uses it to cleanse the energy body of each person present. The Despacho may be burned in a ceremonial fire, buried in the earth or released into the water.

Be prepared to Release, Manifest and Be Healed.

Saturday November 17, 2018, 4:00 PM (FREE)

Jefferson Unitarian Church, 14350 W 32nd Avenue, Golden, CO 80401 Map

What to Bring

Materials and instructions will be provided!
Dress appropriate for the weather. Unless conditions are inclement, we will be meeting outside.